10 years of retirement

November 13, 2010

November 13 2010, was probably the darkest day in my life. In the same year, I've lost a 4 fights deal with the UFC. I finally had the opportunity to fight for a belt after 10 years of career. Almost 40 fights in my hands and a shitty training camp. That wasn't my coaches fault, but what was going between my ears.

It's crazy how we can become superstitious, the number 13 was scaring me, I'm not kidding. I was at a point in my life where i was trusting anyone. Try to become a champion alone, try to become a manager or a business owner alone, you need good people around you, and i had so many. I'm the only responsable of my lost, it was my first self-sabotage.

Maybe i got hit too much, maybe i shouldn't have stop changing my hairstyle, it was maybe my super strength like a Samson. But anyway, i didn't like my sport anymore and the best decision was taken in the dressing-room, hanging my gloves.

What ever the reason of this loss, lot of things happened during the 10 years career, hardship, refinement, failure, self-sabotaging, turnover to end with the idea of doing the right thing.

Seriously, without a doubt, i had to live those 10 years like the Rocky speech in Rocky Balboa, getting hit, being hurt, standing back up and continuing to move forward, repeat... Until i finally decide to change my pattern and move forward in the right direction.

Life is not done with challenges, now i think right, i will take the right decisions. I will continue to help as many people as i can in a near future, it will be with a team that i will do it, with specialists, we will go further in the forest, further in our subconscious to get out of that dead end and continuing to move forward and grow.

Why i want to help so many people?

So many people tried to help me went i wanted to work in communication without knowing if i was ready. They helped my with little things but with really good intentions. People like them on this earth guided me to reach my goals and i will give something back.

Unfortunately i was only remembering the negative people, my brain wasn't well trained to deal with the end of my career. I've deal with negative people and I've started to believe them which brought me to the darkness.

I believe in life, in those around me, in our ideas.

Even if my brain is very well conditioned now, I am not always positive or super happy, I have never had the Instagram syndrome where everything is beautiful and magnificent, it still happens to me not to want to go out, to want to stay locked up in the basement and playing video games.

Except now, I know how I feel and what to do to be cheerful again, I just need to move to spend energy, eat well, drink lots of water and go play outside !!! Then it’s just a matter of minutes to keep my plans moving forward.


November 14, 2020

To celebrate this new decade this new chapter with many projects that will come, I will walk from the Vélogare de Victoriaville to the Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière in Lévis, only 110 km, it's not a lot, but I would like people to follow me for a few kilometers.

Departure will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Thank you again to everyone for your help throughout these crazy 10 years.

by Jonathan Goulet, November 7, 2020

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