A year of apprenticeship

Being a spectator of a big play can teach you a lot of things and this play, I created it myself. It's special, just sit back and read this. I put on this piece and I will also be the spectator. What's fun is that this play, well, it's like a book in which you are the hero.

366 days this year, is crazy anyway, one more day to do my research, my experiments, I'm not a scientist. Just an adventurer wannabe, a has been fighter who became a stunt wannabe (currently 2 gigs in fact) and adventurer.

I changed plans I don't know how many times. So I'm not even afraid to change my mind anymore, just the crazy people who don't change their mind. I just want to feel free.

Will I regret it later, maybe, but right now I'm having fun.

February 29, 2020 was my starting day for a crazy, but achievable project. 4000 km on foot without experience, without adequate equipment and above all without funding. I relied on the seminars on the way and a little luck. Generous people gave and it helped the project to stay alive and evolve, a big thank you.

After 16 days of walking and nearly 200 km with 100 pounds in the sled, then once the sled is abandoned, nearly 80 pounds on the shoulders, the government shuts everything down and locks up everyone under threat of a 1500 fine. Goodbye my project, goodbye seminars, schools are closed.

I called my girlfriend, she came to pick me up in a park near Sherbrooke where I spent the night in my hammock. I swallowed my pill and get back to the drawing board to improve my project. 20 km a day, or even 30 with 80 pounds on my shoulders, my knees would have failed in the Mestachibo that's for sure. Without the slightest doubt I would have made it to Quebec, but I would have probably crashed somewhere near the Saint-Anne River.

I want to do this walk, it's not nothing Montreal to St. John's Newfoundland.

In my research, I discovered Mike Horn, he is the god of adventurers, the greatest there is. I have friends who are also experienced in my contacts, I've discover others via Facebook in Caroline Côté who is an inspiring adventurer (go see Traversées), I've meet wonderful and inspiring people thanks to Les Primitifs, I'll go back dress properly at Dm2 Shop and Maheu Go Sports.

I'll have my new equipment, I've done an experiment with Mathieu, Morri Hébert which was an escape evasion of more than 70 km on foot. Amazing adventure that taught me not to be too close to fire with synthetic pants and more, I miss these gorgeous human beings. Step by step I am moving in the right direction. The confinements were tough mentally, but I've discovered a new passion in this Canadian nature. I haven't lost my interest in teaching MMA and BJJ at Nova Gym, but the magic is stronger in hiking and especially more accessible right now.

The 2021 plan is almost complete, I would love to see the municipal bylaws in favor of camping all along the Great Trail, but that's still a small detail, camping without a trace is easy.

366 days of research, testing and adventures to discover myself.

"The Warrior Route project

2021 don't miss the boat, I'm coming.

Special thanks to the Parent family, Geneviève and Marie plus Jonathan Martineau.

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