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Wake me up when September end

Wake me up when September is over

The weather!!

Waking up when the month of September is over, yet September in Quebec is probably the most beautiful month in color, the leaves and the landscapes are so magnificent. The smell of campfires or hearths, dead leaves on the ground. A new season, a new chapter. Hey the possibility of sleeping outside without being eaten by mosquitoes.

Yet so many people suffer in the month of September, some do not make it through, others are saved in extremis. Now is not the time to isolate yourself and do nothing or see no one, this is not the time to be confined.


I don’t know about you, but although I’m like an hermit and love being alone, I need my moments with friends or even family. Imagine spending the worst moments of your life alone without seeing others or only through a screen. No hugs, no warm contact, not even a pat on the back with a hello brother, hello boyfriend how are you? Followed by the hug a little strange and too strong, but which feels so good.


It is called the attachment hormone, or the happiness hormone. This is what the brain secretes when we do a little cuddle therapy. Even if the duration of the hug only lasts a short time, during that time you feel reconnected to someone. It is thus a natural antidepressant, no need for a pill or a prescription to have it.

Personally, I missed my Brazilian jiu-jitsu sessions and our famous hugs, I call them my famous men hugs (Women are also welcome at Nova Gym. So if you are lucky enough to take someone 'one in your arms now, do it. You won't even have to tell her I love you. It'll feel, it'll stay etched in her memory and yours.

The Time!!

Time to take this photo in October, after September was over. I was on top of a crane in Griffintown. Looking at the album, I realize that chronologically I fell into depression faster than I thought. I believe, without verification, that I had mentioned having climbing this crane in 2013, but it was in 2012.

I should have known, I enrolled in Promedia school in 2013 to be a graduate in 2014. I apologize.

Taking time with those you love is important. Asking them how they are doing on the inside is also very important, even more so than asking how they are doing at work.

Look at this person, take their hand or shoulder and say, Talk to me.

It can change the course of their life.

I will always remember the day after the crane story, a coworker came to me and asked me if I was okay, why I wasn't making the gang laugh anymore, he literally put his hand on my shoulder and said to me the famous: Talk to me

This day had been the last at this job, I had cried so much.

Don't be alone, because you are not. We are all together on this planet.

Something else that hugs do !!

Yes, a study was conducted by a team of American researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. She revealed that you have less colds, less affected by the flu and all those little viruses that get caught in the winter, when you are touched, cuddled.

But we won't have a debate on this, big hug to you.

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