What is the BJJ Trail?

(The acronym BJJ is English-speaking and means Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, by clicking on the bold type, you will be able to see the Wikipedia definition of this martial art.)

The BJJ Trail will be a long walk on a trail that already exists, The Great Trail is a trail that crosses Canada in its length, from Saint Johns Newfoundland to Vancouver, via Montreal. You can even walk to northern Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

More than 4000 km of walk between Montreal and Saint Johns Newfoundland. It’s going to tear some shoes all those km. The departure will be from Montreal, February 29, 2020, at dawn, it is supposed to be 6:35 in the morning. By following the green line on the map, you can see that my journey is not just forests and mountains. I will be walking in certain cities like Longueuil, Chambly, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Granby, Sherbrooke and Victoriaville. I will cross the St. Lawrence River by ferry twice, near Lévis to the Capital and the other in Saint-Siméon to Rivière-du-Loup.

A variety of trails will be available between Beaupré and Saint-Siméon. The North Shore of the capital, Charlevoix and La Malbaie are natural Quebec treasures that I am starting to know thanks to Fitness au Boutte.

From Rivière-du-Loup to Edmundston, Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, I may have the chance to visit Prince Edward Island and its Confederation Trail. My journey will continue towards Halifax and I will have to plan a return to restart the trail where i left to walk to that city. That is, in Pictou. The Guysborough section will take me to the town of the same name for over 100km. After this long walk, I will begin a trail that runs along the west coast of Cape Breton Island from Port Hastings to the city of Inverness.

Several other trails separate Route du lac Inverness and Bras d'or. This one is 388 km of footpath and paved in addition to waterway.

This crazy race will stop me at Sidney Mines where I will take a long ferry, the ship itself is not long, but the crossing will be. A small 178 km separates North Sydney from Port-Aux-Basques in the Cabot Strait.

Newfoundland !!!!

What day of the year will it be when I set foot in the harbor, what season? I have no idea, I just know that I will be at 888 km from my final destination. While writing these sentences, I look at the topography of this gigantic island. My legs are shaking, I'm scared, but I'm mostly very excited.


For what purpose I will do a 4000km trail !! ??? The looks on me when I talk about my project !! Some people encourage me and find me inspiring, accentuating their talk with a facial expression that cannot lie, they think it's a great idea, others call me crazy.

Both are right, those who know me, know how the forest has saved me several times. The goal of La Route des Guerriers is to save humans, I will stop in several cities to train, move with motivated and inspired people, they will have an important role on me with their inspirations. It will be people like me who have been shattered by life's obstacles. I want to change the perspective of many people, I want them to understand that moving is much more important than a video game or an episode on television or on the web. The human body is not made to do nothing, it was designed to move, create and also demolish (MMA).

Everything will be documented, I learn the hard way with internet to make video montages, I will do blogs yes, but sharing clips on social networks is my main idea. The content will be interesting, captivating and inspiring. Some times you will see me cry, be angry or better yet be super happy and find life beautiful. (See two big hearts in my eyes)

There will be no Instagram effect where everything is always beautiful. It will be true !!



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Jordan Ayley

I’m proud of you coach! You are doing a great thing for you and those you inspire (me being one of the people who finds you inspiring!).

I’m hoping to walk a couple kms with you when you are near Montreal and forsure get a training in if you have time!

Once again, I’m proud of you!

Keep it up!

See you on the mats ;)

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