Chat, talk, let the steam out

Setting your sights, letting the steam valve go and talking to a specialist or even a stranger, is important. It's stupid, but just saying what's going on in your head can help, it's often difficult to do it with our friends, family or even our life partner. Being afraid to disturb, to be heavy on them or to be redundant is what you can feel. (not to do on a Tinder first date)

The important thing right now is like on a plane, saving yourself before saving others, putting the famous oxygen mask on your nose and then putting it on the noses of people near you.

When I was a firefighter I couldn't jump into a room as I wanted to transform myself into a superhero, there were protocols to follow so that I wouldn't become a victim too, an additional burden on my teammates.

You have to chat and talk, communicate.

The first time I spoke about my father, it was in a group therapy in high school, I had bawled so much while talking, I'm sure no one understood what I was talking about, but I really don't care on the other hand, it did me good. Before this downpour of words, I couldn't say the word daddy without my throat tightening, my voice quavering. This rain had been so liberating, the benefits of speaking are incredible.

To be in the boots of someone who is going through depression is impossible, even if you have already conquered the great darkness. Our pain tolerance is different from others and giving advice is tough, saying help yourself and the world will help you sucks. Don't hit someone who is drowning on the head, reach out.

Yes that's right, when I was in depression a lot of people tried to help me and I didn't have the energy, I wasn't ready to be saved. It's weird to read I know, I burned relationships and I don't blame anybody, as mentioned above, we don't have all our tolerances.

As a couple I would say that helping out by trying to remove household chores from others might help, because only getting out of bed in the morning is difficult, having coffee is priceless for me. My pain was like a big man's flu that hurt my muscles, skin, eyelids, behind my eyes. Too much light, too much noise, too much noise, it's heavy. The weight is huge on the shoulders, you feel like there are 300 pounds on your back and you don't even want to take off your backpack, anyway it's impossible to take off said bag .

There is no miracle, but finding a way to get your life partner out and play with, hugs, love, oxytocin. Joy!!

Cry, you will piss less

Always wanting to bawl and not knowing why.

Slam sad movies all day or one evening alone and braille, empty the ice cream in your freezer, we don't care, but braille !!! After every big storm, the weather is fine and this is where you have to go for it and get moving. Yes, move around to reconnect your body to your head, because a lot of times that is what happens. There is a disconnection taking place and our boots no longer want to follow our lips. Go get a dose of serotonin and smile again for a moment.

Zootherapy, I believe in it !!

You got a dog looking at you with a toy wagging its tail. GO outside !!!!! He knows you're not well, he's man's best friend, and it's not for nothing. You don't have one and you would like to go play with a dog, the SPAs were looking for volunteers to walk with them. (before Covid)

A cat brought me a ball for me to throw at him, he brought it back until finally I smiled again and then got my friend's invitation to go do Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Without this cat I wouldn't have smiled and without that smile I wouldn't have accepted my friend's invitation to play on a wrestling mat, without the sport I wouldn't be here.

A cage

The cage can be seen as a fighting place, a trap, or even a prison.

“My body hurts, I feel like I'm in a cage and this cage is my skin. The only way to stop the pain is to open this cage. " Those were my last words before I found myself on top of that famous crane. Don't open this cage, it's disconnected from your head, go play outside. I'm telling you, do your research is the most popular phrase these days, it's scientifically proven.

Have pain

Getting plenty of physical activity on a routine basis can give you a dose of dopamine that is ideal for weaning from alcohol or drugs and very good for making you want to go to the gym. Anyway, you don't want to do kickboxing, BJJ, MMA the day after. In addition to giving you dopamine, your body will give you a healthy dose of endorphin, a natural pain reliever.

Pain in the body + painkiller from the brain = joy.

In addition, group activities are good for morale, I repeat, humans are not beings made to live alone locked up or abandoned, we are intelligent wolves made to live in groups.

There are so many things that I learned with The Primitives and it is not only to survive in the forest, but also in community. It is impossible to win alone against carnivores, temperature and diseases, but in community, in village, in tribe we are strong.

Let’s be strong together and remember that Where the head goes, the body follows.

(I repeat, I am not a psychologist or a doctor, some people may need medication to help their suffering, the term mental illness is broad. Follow the advice of your doctor and shrink, then add physical activity.

Otherwise, the clouds may be over your head, but under the sun.)

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