Let go...

When I was younger, visiting an aunt, my brothers, my cousins ​​and I went outside to play around the farm in the middle of winter.

Our adventures had taken us to the forest near the river where I fell into the water. It was cold, my head had been under the ice with the impact of my fall. I had slipped from a slope that was just enough at an angle not to be called a cliff.

Fortunately, the current was not strong, I probably would not have survived, but what struck me most was the brotherhood, the feeling of belonging. My brothers pulled me out of the water and made a fire to warm me up quickly before taking me back to the farm.

Today, the young boy in the freezing water returns every moment I have bad news, an obstacle that grabs me, like the millions of needles that enter your skin when you fall into an icy river.

I decided to learn to manage my emotions, my panic attacks by controlling my body, when I am in water of less than 10 ° C, I am hot and I can bathe there for 30 minutes.

(Don't do like me, there is a huge risk if you are not well prepared.)

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