The media (french)

It's crazy how much people are talking about it, i didn't expected that much noice.

I told myself that i would achieve my project with or without the media, that i would leave without stress and having in mind that i only had to survive. It would have been a big mistake.

I would say that it was a bit stupid, nah really stupid, but the idea is amazing and more i move forward in it, more i am experimented things, more i am learning tips from specialists, more i think i will reach my goal.

I'm not writing that it will be easy, i just walked a 4 hours on the Mestachibo trail with my snowshoes at more than 5km/hrs, way too fast compare to my trip and i survived.

It was so beautiful, really beautiful but hard.

Seriously, i'm happy to hear things about my project, but i would lie if i say i'm not stress at all.

My friend Olivier Aubin-Mercier Ep.:6 - Jonathan Goulet was the man who invited me first at his podcast and i have been able to talk about my depression after career. After his Podcast, things have been placed together to help me creating my project. Here his the French Podcast where i'm explaining why i leave Mtl on foot. : Olivier Aubin Mercier et Le Canadian Gangster Podcast Ep.:37 - Jonathan Goulet

Then Ztélé told my story in Les Combattants which was transferred to RDS: Les Combattants : La Chute

There is Le Soleil La Grande Odyssée

There is : Jonathan Goulet se bat pour La Cause

There is La Nouvelle/l'Union 4000 km de marche pour la dépression

There is TVCBF for Fervents de sport Saison hiver 2020 Épisode 4

To support my project, there is a section Make a Donation and Make a Donation (PayPal) Plus all the clothing and accessories you can buy

Together we will go far.

Thank you very much

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