Roadtrip before Where the Head Goes, the body follows

Evo Gym

July 13, 2019 is my birthday, I'm 40 years old. My daughter and I are going on a road trip, Meleena, 20, she is finally on vacation with her father. This is our first “trip” We leave early in the morning to make sure we get to Rouyn on time. A winding and wonderful road where you can observe several lakes, mountains and animals.

The idea of ​​going on a road trip came from a friend in Quebec showbiz to whom tours are no longer a secret. She said to me: But why don't you do seminars all along your route and especially in Vancouver?

I thought that would be great, a great way to make my trip profitable. I had contacted several schools in each province, a few answered me, it was summer anyway, so don't blame anyone.

The more the days went by, the more my LRDG project developed, my seminars took on a different raison d'être. My goal, in my post, was to document my trip, to talk about Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and its benefits not only for the body, but also for the head.

A first person contacted me, Sébastien Dubé, owner of Evo Gym, a branch of Brazilian Top Team (BTT) under the tutelage of Stéphane Gareau, black belt of Fabio Holanda.

The seminar was still pretty basic, there were my favorite wrestling techniques and some ground techniques in BJJ and mixed martial arts (MA). Most of why I wanted to do seminars was just to tell people how essential bjj is in life, not just for competition or self-defense, but for mental health. My teaching is always related to survival in self-defense, and in life we ​​must also

learn to face adversity. With the JJB you swim in an ocean of “nasty” sharks, the only thing you do is survive, think about the present moment and nothing else. If you have the advantage over your training partner, it's the next moves you have to constantly think about and again, no hassle in life anymore.

Some humans need a lot more physical activity than others, but it's essential for everyone. With BJJ, what I affectionately call male hugs, the brain secretes oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, which may promote social bonding. Indeed, by doing BJJ, we find ourselves in specific positions that could scare those neophytes of this martial art, but we forge links there, it is a large community that can become a family, a very large family.

I spent a few hours with this beautiful family at Evo Gym, where I was able to practice the art that saved my life. I loved being in their presence, everything I taught was absorbed by Sébastien Dubé's students and himself. It was fascinating to be there, with strangers and to share some of my knowledge, yet a good 20 year career doesn't make me younger haha.

My hosts were very welcoming, a few people bought my clothes and even if they hadn't I would have been super happy with my experience. I wanted to go and visit Moukmouk Island, but I did not have permission to go, it is a private island. I have always said Moukmouk Island when I am far away, well I was a very short distance away, but I didn’t have that chance to check my to-do list.


The day was ending, they invited me to eat and asked me where I was going to sleep.

Their eyes when I told them I was going to sleep outside in my hammock !! I did not understand why, there are people who say that mosquitoes in the north are huge, but you must not spoof.

So I turned down their invitations to sleep at their place and my daughter and I drove back to Timmins, where Shania Twain was born, there was a museum and we wanted to visit it the next day. (nope, it was closed)
When I got to the campsite, it was starting to get dark… This is where I understood, or rather this is where I realized that I hadn't understood. Mosquitoes are no bigger than elsewhere, they are more numerous and voracious, they are hungry. They are an army of little vampires who will drain your blood. You could hear the horde rushing towards the new blood, towards us. Our first night out, which we got into.

It was amazing, I had never seen it before. Meleena and I quickly cooked after setting up our camp (her hammock tent for the first time). The
food was full of mosquitoes that we cooked and then ate in the car. I had failed by failing to analyze the gaze of Evo Gym's family.

This dear synergology that I almost mastered at one time.
The adventure had despite this



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