Who's behind LRDG

I'm a man who touched the stars with a beautiful MMA career, but felt in hell for then, coming back on earth to gave wings to dose in need.

My name is Jonathan Goulet father of young woman named Meleena. Former MMA fighter with almost 40 pro fights, including 9 inside the UFC octagon. Plus so many amateur MMA fights and BJJ competitions.

I had an impressive career and i'm proud of it, because i worked hard. I'm proud even if it didn't end beautifully like i wanted.

On November 13 2010, i have been KOed badly and i was dizzy for about a year. Without a choice i had to swallow my pill and move forward, like everyone else, i had to pay things and feed my child.

I survived the depression, but unfortunately, a really good friend lost his battle in 2018. I promised myself that with LRDG, i wouldn't lose anyone else in my life.

Motivation, confidence and inspiration. With physical activities, we will become our life champion. Together we will go far.

Where the head goes, the body follows