Special thanks

Thanks to the new AvantLink partners allowing me to have a percentage on the sales of
Salomon and Yeti by following these links

Salomon :https://alnk.to/5F3Nc7g

Without these wonderful people, this project would be done because of my determination, but could also complicate my life.

I would like to thank those who believe in this adventure, which will not be a pleasure. Thanks to them I will be able to move forward with peace of mind and my family and friends will be less worried.

Thanks to my daughter Meleena for her love and my last logo that she created.

Thanks to Marie, my girlfriend who supported me in so many ways. Thanks to Geneviève and Fitness au Boutte

Thanks to Centre Replay for the incredible work on my legs and feet, I wanted to leave with a healthy transportation which are my feet and legs.

Thanks to Marilou and Claudia Maheu Magasin and DM2 Shop for the winter coat I wear and the print on my t-shirts

Thanks to Jeremy Rubin and Robert Stein for giving me the opportunity to teach at the Wimp 2 Warrior Mtl at Tristar Gym and the bed I have while I'm waiting for my departure.

A big thank you to Éric O'Keefe for the help and support for this adventure. (I personally wish to see you on my way back) 

Thanks to Jordan for the inspiration and some military tips for hiking.

Thank you to Mathieu Hébert  and Les Primitifs for the survival advices and the sweat and the equipment management on my journey.

Thanks to all of you who gave me a little something, who bought a little something who share my stories, my pages.

You have no idea how helpful you are.

Thank you, thank you thank you very much.